St. Peters Reception issues, possible flooding.

It seems the St. Peters station has been having some interference issues as of late. Sounds familiar as I had issues with this station at the O’Fallon site. This really escalated over the last week and finally pushed Andy(the station’s host) and I to try and find the cause. The console is located with several PC’s, monitors, a wireless router and wireless phone, not the best location for this low powered unit.

We started by shutting everything down except the console and weather computer. Reception went to 95%-100%!
Time to start turning other items on, computers, no change, wireless access point, little to no change.

:cwy: Andy then decided to turn the wireless off and plug his cordless phone back in……. Within 15 minutes we were below 50% reception. Everything else is now back on, Andy is going to try and move the phone base to another location.

I have several pages/images uploaded that are not linked on the site, mostly for diagnostics/personal interest.
St. Peters Reception
O’Fallon basement temp/humidity and reception

It appears we have some rain coming over the next week. Keep an eye open, the models are wavering a bit, but it is possible we could get enough rain for some flooding in some areas.

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