Been busy, sorry for no post.

Well it’s been a busy month around our house, a new geothermal heating and cooling system was installed just over two weeks ago and so far I am smiling from ear to ear. Both our boys are back in school, Aaron started his senior year, hard to believe, it has gone by so fast…..Marching Band practice has started and we will soon be following the FZN Panther Pride Band around the state of Missouri. AJ is in 4th grade and I am starting to realize he has only one year of grade school after this year.

Onto weather! It has been HOT, both stations have recorded temperatures in the upper 90’s, and heat indexes around 120 degrees. We were dry for the first two weeks of August, since then we have received decent rainfall, the O’fallon station has recorded about 2-1/2 inches in the last 8 days. The St. Peters rain gauge has been fixed for now, seems some wasp found a way in, I wasn’t the one who discovered this….Luckily no one was harmed in fixing the station. We have had some small issues with power at the St. Peters location. The unit is run with a capacitor charged by a solar panel, if the capacitor goes dead it switches to a backup battery. We think the backup is weak and will be replacing it shortly.

I have been working on a page to document our geothermal installation and savings, it is located here, I will clean it up a bit and add more information as time allows.

Our site continues to grow, we had a big traffic day earlier this week with over 100 users in one day! Month to month this year I am seeing 15-25 percent increases in usage, thanks, and I appreciate everyone spreading word of our sites!

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