Server Change=Frustration+No Sleep

Well the site is now being served on a different server/host. We have invested in a VPS(Virtual Private Server) with guaranteed resources for handling the additional traffic our site is experiencing.  I have noticed a substantial performance increase, both in page loading and background work that is done. I have changed to Coppermine for our Photo Gallery, look for more tweaks to come in the future.

This did not go off without some issues, I do apologize as many have either had no access to the site or were still being directed to the old server. I am hoping the DNS propagation has worked through all the routers, etc so that everyone can get to the site on a regular basis.

What a couple of weeks for the St. Louis area for Winter weather. Although I was let down by this last storm, let’s just say I took the bait, hook, line and sinker. For those that think the forecast was a bust, I would guess the forecast was off by a very short 30 miles or so, for forecasting that’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Look for updates over the next couple months on another weather station and webcam to be installed locally. We are also starting to think about chase season. I am switching to 1st shift next week, if I can stay this would give me more opportunities for evening chases within several hours of the St. Louis area.

Stay warm!

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