New Stream Provider, Slow Chase Season.

We have changed our live stream provider, we did this to get some more exposure. Imap is being used by local TV stations which should bring a big increase in local traffic. For those that have not checked it out, we typically stream severe weather, this happens when we are out chasing or we stream one of our two weather cams from our home during severe weather events.

Aaron and I went out on a 2 day chase marathon earlier this week. We had our first total bust the first day, all we saw was blue skies and bugs in Minnesota. The second day we positioned ourselves near Iowa City, we were able to get near some severe storms and stream some video, we did the best we could with the time and weather we were given.

Hate to push Facebook, but that is the best way to get quick updates on what we are doing, we can be found here: Ofallon Weather Facebook Page

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