Houston Water Levels

I have created a page on our sister site riverweather.com to bring all the river, lake, bayou, and stream levels into one location, just like the rest of our river level pages on that website, you can click on the location name for details and graphs.

Houston Area Water Levels

Our thoughts are with those impacted by this disaster.

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Fireball or Meteor Seen Across the St. Louis Region on 6/16/2016

Reports of a fireball started hitting the social media scene across the Midwest about 11:45 am today with people wondering what the bright light in the sky was.
I was fortunate enough to catch it on one of my weather cameras I have on my roof, it only last 2-3 seconds, I did not witness this personally, all accounts are from my video.
The American Meteor Society has logged over 70 reports as of last check for this event.

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2016 Plains Chase Summary

Quick post on my four day trip in the Great Plains chasing this year, I have learned to set the camera down and take everything in, I still was able to get some great video/images and feel like I didn’t watch through the lens.
I chased in KS and TX over these four days, everyday brought highlights, 4/21 we witnessed an amazing supercell near Leoti, KS, catching a glimpe of two tornadoes with this storm and captured images/video of this nearly stationary supercell.leoti

4/22 Didn’t bring much for us, no media from that day, we did get blasted by a dust storm from a thunderstorm on 82 in Ralls, TX.
4/23 Brought more frustration, but we were rewarded near sunset with a stationary supercell near Turkey, TX, this produced an EF3 tornado after sunset.

 I did  a time lapse of this storm as the sunset.

4/24 was a big day, we chased one supercell which produced multiple tornadoes both south and north of Dodge City, KS.


Tornado South of Dodge City, KS


North of Dodge City, KS


Mammatus in Dodge City, KS

Here are two videos I put together from this day.

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Shelf Cloud Madness!

So last night, 8/20/2014 was one of those moments in life that makes one realize we all need to learn to pay attention to our surroundings, get outside and take in Mother Nature, well, if you are into that sort of thing.  :)
Storms developed southwest of the O’Fallon, MO region and moved NE around 35 mph, along the way they crossed an outflow boundary moving west from storms earlier in the day in Illinois. I could hear the thunder and stepped outside, I could just start to see the anvils of the coming storms.  As the evening continued the view continued to get more spectacular as seen below. I was in awe, once I finished grabbing these images, I immediately went to work on getting a time-lapse put together from my west webcam on the house. It turned out awesome, with over 2000 views in the first 20 hours of being published along with being used on KMOV on the 10 o’clock newscast and throughout the day today. Feel free share the video below the images.820storm-2 IMG_9212 (Large) IMG_9215 (Large)


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