2 Days of local severe weather.

Yesterday I was at work during the tornado in Montgomery and Lincoln counties, I was a bit let down that I was unable to chase this storm, but work does come first.

Today I was attending the St. Louis Kuk Sool Won tournament at UMSL. We were actually heading back from eating in Bridgeton when the tornado warning sounded. We decided our safest place was to get back to UMSL and get in the basement of the gym. Our plan worked just fine, within minutes of our arrival and communicating the urgency of the situation with the tournament organizers the basement quickly and orderly filled with people until the all clear was given.

I was somewhat let down that UMSL had not had everyone in the building in the basement when we arrived. The tornado warning had been issued a minimum of 10 minutes earlier with no action.

It appears that the worst damage was in West County near West County Mall. Scattered hail and high wind reports continued north east from the tornado report.

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