2010 Summary

Well here we are, 2011 has arrived as 2010 went out with a bang locally.

Summary of weather for the Ofallon Weather Station:

Temperatures: 35 days of 90 or above, 36 days with a high below 32, we had 99 days with a low of 32 or colder, and 2 days with a low below zero.  High recorded was 98.9 and the low was -2.6.  We recorded 41.18 inches of rain, with measurable rain on 97 days, 66 days recorded totals over .10 inch, and 11 days over 1 inch of rain. The wind average was 3.5 mph with a high gust recorded @ 56 mph, this is an all time record for our station.

2010 brought 2 “official” storm chases that totaled 3 days, look for more to come this year. Our website was expanded with additions of 2 webcams and forecast software that has been “tweaked” for our particular area, just outside the St. Louis heat island. A couple of pages received “facelifts” the archive page now operates all by itself, the reports and links are renamed and posted by the webserver each month. I also updated the snow/precipitation map page, this displays rain/snow expected over the next 48 hours along with the St. Louis National Weather Service maps. I guess I can’t leave out the addition of the live video for any storm chases we may venture out on. I have also installed software to stream live video from our webcams if we have severe weather locally.

In our home we had a Geothermal heating and cooling system installed in August. I am thrilled with the systems performance, you can read more about this with monthly updates on the Geothermal page linked on our home page.

Happy 2011 everyone!

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