Early Season Severe Event

Well looking at Sunday it’s looking more likely that we may experience a severe weather outbreak late evening into the overnight hours. Areas to our south may experience a tornado outbreak in the afternoon/early evening. Hopefully everyone has their weather radios on. If you don’t have one, look for one with “same” technology. With this you can enter a county code, the radio will only sound if your county is under a watch/warning, unlike the older units that sound anytime an alert is sent for anywhere in your area. I also like a feature that lets one choose what type of warning/watch the radio sounds the alarm for. My radio only triggers if our county has been given a tornado warning.

The server change seems to have settled in, the site’s load times have dramatically decreased. I did have an issue on Thursday night, my system at home was having issues updating the server. Things cleared, hopefully this will not become a regular issue.


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