Tornado Alley Review

A little disclosure before I proceed with my review of the movie Tornado Alley. My name is Tom Stolze, ofallonweather.orgĀ  is my site and I am a certified weather nut. My son Aaron Stolze and I have gone on a hand full of storm chases and plan on more. Alright, that is out of the way, let’s continue…..

My family and I went to the St. Louis Science Center today for the 1pm showing of Tornado Alley, I have been waiting for this with nervous anticipation. We arrived about 30 minutes early, we reserved tickets early in the morning and it appears it was a good move. While getting our tickets we noticed that only 34 seats remained for this showing. The lines were building to get into the theatre and we noticed other weather “buffs” in attendance, including a small group that appeared to either be part of the Vortex 2 project or close family/friends of researches from this project. This showing was sold out, no empty seats remained in the theatre at show time.

Overall I was very pleased with the film, it is centered around the Vortex 2 project and Sean Casey. It highlighted the highs and lows of a chase season with some humor thrown in and images of the destruction that can come from a tornado. My son and I have only seen 1 damage path, seeing this will bring you down from a chase high faster than one can imagine. The film had many eye catching scenes of storms, tornado’s, and one jaw dropping scene of Mammatus clouds. Sean Casey did a great job of not overdoing “himself” in this film, at times in the film when you think the Sean of Storm Chaser’s is going to come out, the movie just moves on.

Weather enthusiast or not, I would recommend taking the movie in. Vortex 2 is an important project, studying storms in great detail in hopes of improving both accuracy and lead time of tornado warnings. Sean Casey had a vision, he spent many years trying to get some of the shots in this movie, he did well, I hope he continues his documentation of weather in Tornado Alley.

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