Quick update, Happy 4th of July!

I thought I would throw a quick update in today. Although I feel like I didn’t get much chasing in this year, looking back there is more than I think. I spent several days out by myself, which can take away from the experience having to handle all the jobs while trying to drive. We will continue to follow severe weather, but prime tornado season for this year is over, they will still occur, but typically the frequency drops off until early Fall.

I am already busy preparing for next year. I have purchased a new Chevy Cruze Echo, this will cut my gas expense by more than half, I am saving ~$65 a month in fuel for work travel alone. I am working with Ram Mounts to get a laptop mount designed and built for this car, they currently have no solution and are real close to sending me a prototype. I have also been working on getting our mobile streaming video quality up. I believe we have our solution in place, it looks promising while testing at home. Our software was going crazy with the frame rate of the video, we changed our connection from firewire to a USB video capture device. The software can now control the frame rate to whatever I set it to. I am also looking at ways to insure we have the best internet connection possible wherever we are, I think I have a solution and likely will implement it before next chase season.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July, stay cool!

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