So it’s been way to long, the weather has been quiet, but we have had a lot going on behind the scenes here at

We have changed webhost again, it is very important to me that my visitors get to the site when they want, not when my webhost decides to fix issues. We were down for over 20 hours during the month of September, so I pulled the plug, the site is now hosted out of Chicago.

We also have celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our webcams. I have tried to put together a year long time lapse with no results….Yet, give me some time. We will be adding a 3rd camera soon, I have had it testing for some time now, I just can’t decide where and what direction is best.

I have also wiped and reloaded the computer here at our home that keeps the site updated, this system runs over 10 programs all the time, when we stream live video that jumps to over 15 programs. It is a quad core cpu with 2 gigs of ram, processor usage averages 25%. We were experiencing some instability due to some freeware I tested on the system in the last several months.

Thanks for stopping by, look for more updates as the weather picks up for winter!


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