Possible Aurora Tuesday Morning/Night

Looks like the sun is going through a rather active period lately. It’s possible we will be able to view an Aurora(Northern Lights) Tuesday morning or night. Currently the arrival or start time is estimated to be 8am our time, hopefully it will hold off until the evening. If you head outside, try to find a dark area so your eyes adjust to the dark, then just look to the northern sky, more towards the horizon.

Keep in mind I am looking for multiple backup chasing partners for this years storm season. My son Aaron is in college and working a part time job, there will be days I will be in need of a body in my car. This will either involve driving my car or operating the laptop, navigating, along with the streaming camera, camcorder(s) and still camera. Sounds simple? If interested send me an email, the link is at the bottom of our homepage. I am hoping to have several people committed and trained so that I don’t have to chase alone this year…..

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