Historic St. Louis Heatwave, continued drought.

So the heatwave we just experienced set records almost daily. From high temperatures to high minimum temperatures, we also had 10 days straight of 100+ weather, this ranks number 2 all time for St. Louis, only topped by 1936.


 1  13  8/24/1936
 2  10  7/07/2012
 3   9  7/17/1936
 4   8  7/24/1934
T5   7  8/02/1953
T5   7  8/09/1930
 7   6  7/14/1966
T8   5  7/23/1983
T8   5  6/29/1952
T8   5  8/06/1947

As we move forward it appears our temperatures will be back to a more normal 
range for the next week. I wouldn't be surprised to see extreme heat return 
another time or two as the summer progresses, if the past patterns hold up we
could be in for one tough summer. Drought conditions continue to worsen with 
only spotty relief the last few days. Here at our home we have only received
 2.32 inches of rain since May 1. Other than tonight, the rest of the week 
looks to be dry. As always stay aware of current weather, thing can go bad quick,
be ready to take action on any warnings issued.

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