First Snow Contest, New Higher Resolution Timelapse

We are holding a “First Snow Contest”. This has already been promoted on our Facebook page; the deadline for your entry is 11/18/12 at midnight.  A $25 gift certificate to Ozella’s Pizzeria is awaiting the lucky winner. If you don’t do Facebook, reply or email me the date you think we will get our first one inch of snow along with the snowfall total for that storm to the nearest quarter inch, this will be used for tie breakers.
 O’Fallon Weather Facebook Events
We have also added higher quality daily time lapse for those that enjoy them. The new links are on our webcam page below the original daily time lapse links. These are larger files and can take a few seconds to download depending on your internet and computer settings. Make sure to double click on the video to experience them in full screen….
O’Fallon Weather Webcam Home

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