4/28/13 Weekly Summary and Outlook

We continued our struggle with the transition into spring this week and at this time appears that the upcoming week will be more of the same, possibly even a shot of winter somewhere in the Midwest…

Our high temperature for the past week was 72° and our low was 35°, we picked up 1.57 inches of rain.

The outlook for the upcoming week brings very warm temperatures in early on, mid 80’s are not out of the question through mid-week.  Rain chances pick up after Wednesday, there is some indication that this could bring heavy rain in or near our area.  This is a concern as the big rivers have recently crested, heavy rain would likely bring another rise in the already swollen rivers.  The temperatures late week will cool back down, the computer models have not come into an agreement on this, so it’s hard to pin down.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some mornings in the low 30’s come late week.  I hope I am wrong and we only see 40’s.

Along with the temperature uncertainty, there are indications of a May snowstorm somewhere in the Midwest this week. It will be interesting to watch, I have been laughing all day that somewhere this week someone may have to cut grass and shovel their driveway…. Have a great week everyone!

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