About O’fallon Weather

Ofallon Weather  was launched in March of 2005.

The weather station that feeds the site is a Wired Davis Vantage Pro2.

The location of this station is in the Royal Oaks subdivision, this is in the very NW corner of Ofallon.

The initial purpose was for me to provide family, friends and neighbors with weather updates from  my station.

The site was one page which  closely resembled the Current Weather page of today, this page has since been modified.

It has grown from receiving 3-6 visitors a day during the first few months, currently the site receives 30-60 visitors a day average.

During severe weather, the number of unique visitors exceeds 100 each day, with some days over 200!

This traffic translates to over 60,000 page hits a month.

Starting in 2009 we started Storm Chasing as time allows, we also have the ability to stream live video from the road or from our home.

Late in 2010 we added 2 weather cameras to the site, presenting both still images and time lapse video.

Almost all updates are done at regular intervals with various software.

The station’s data is shared to many outlets.

My favorite is the Citizens Weather Observer, or CWOP.

The station can be seen here, CWOP Ofallon Weather

I have received questions about the station’s reading accuracy in the past.

The CWOP provides analysis of station data, output can be requested over different time periods and can be seen here

Please feel free to send any question, comments, concerns or request to tstolze@gmail.com

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